Technical Competencies

Abbey Power Generation Ltd is involved in many different areas of power generation. Focusing on small and medium scale export to the National Grid, utilising a combination of existing solutions and the latest generation of low emission technologies, we can build new sites, covert existing sites or manage backup generation. Some of the technologies we use are listed below.


Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Combined heat and power (or Cogeneration) is a generic term that describes any power generation system that combines the generation of electricity with the production of useful heat. For example, high grade 'waste' heat can be converted to steam, which in turn can drive a steam turbine and produce additional electricity. Where this heat is not of sufficient quality it can be used to provide heating to a local building or group of buildings. In the latter case, this is known as district heating.


Simple cycle

Where it is impractical to use this waste heat, the generation equipment is said to operate in 'simple cycle'. As it is impractical to utilise this heat, it is important to pay attention to the overall site efficiency in order to maintain a clean and profitable operation.



It is possible to create energy from practically anything that burns. There are two predominant factors that govern the suitability of the fuel. The first is its cost and the second is its environmental impact. The feedstock for the generation plant must be widely available and it should be priced competitively, but we must strive to reduce its impact on the environment from where it is sourced and the global impact of its emissions. We can utilise a variety of feed-stocks, these range from the cleanest fossil fuel, natural gas, to the increasingly popular biomass and bioliquids.