Abbey Power Generation Ltd Services

New Build Plant

The National Grid tenders a number of contracts to help meet its power requirements, these range from long term STOR to call off contracts. We operate these ourselves or we can work with an existing generation plant to maximise its revenue possibilities whilst retaining its primary purpose, be this back up or standby.

Other sites that offer significant benefits tend to utilise low-carbon and renewable feed-stocks, which are in line with low carbon initiatives. We can deliver these sites utilising a variety of Bio feedstocks and exporting the absolute maximum back to a local grid or the National Grid.


Conversion Bid

There are many existing sites that have power generation capacity on site to offer backup or emergency power. The strength of our National Grid means that this equipment is often under utilised. Abbey Power Generation Ltd can integrate this equipment into the National Grid strategy exporting power when it is required. Should the grid fail and the emergency back up be required for its primary purpose then it will already be running 'on load' and can switch directly to maintaining supplies as it was installed to do.